Saturday, February 12, 2011


My new free trial of Corel Painter 11 is a stormy affair. CP can be flighty -- a crazy-making tease. It will dangle a drop-down menu before me like a bullfighter's flag, then snatch it away. Forget the silent treatment -- CP sometimes plays dead. In fact, it saves its biggest tizzies for files from dear old Photoshop. Is it jealous of the other applications in my life? Or does it simply look down its glorious, Sargent-painted nose at my 4-year-old Mac? My cob-webbed CS2?

I know where this is headed: straight for the checkout button. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer. . . actually, for quite a bit poorer. But I've tasted real honey now. I've painted with Real Bristle. There's no way I can let this gorgeous so-and-so ride off into the night.

I hope to be posting some of my experiments here soon. Meanwhile, I'd love to hear your own thoughts on Painter. Any tips? Stories? Encomia? Gripes?

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